In February 2000, Maritime Mechanic was awarded by Far East Hydrofoil Co. Ltd. for a marine hull maintenance services contract. We provide a team of 26 professional divers and equipment stationed in both Ferry Terminals of Hong Kong and Macau for 24 hours diving services.

The fleet of high speed vessels (27 nos.) is the major transportation link between the two cities. Our diving services is essential to ensure a safe and punctual operation of the fleet at all time.

Diver removed a plastic basket from the suction intake of a high speed catamaran in Hong Kong Ferry Terminal.

Daily inspection to the Hydrofoil Vessels is essential to ensure a reliabe operation. (Diving Inspection Team in Macau)
Constant inspection to huge dredging vessels of HAM Dredging - Hong Kong Disney Land Park Project (Penny Bay Reclamation Stage 1). Maritime carried out an successful emergency reparis to vessel - "Geopotes 15" after she grounded at the dredging site on 09 Jan 2001.


Underwater hull maintenance and repairs.


The Diving Team stationed in HK & Macau Ferry Terminal, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Marine Hull Maintenance