Marine Conservation

Coral Reef Cleaning at Ping Chau, Hong Kong.

May 1998

A layer of silt (3mm ~ 70mm) covered an area app. 1,600m at the sea bed of Ping Chau - a place where almost the last paradise of natural coral reef in Hong Kong water.  Rubbish and construction wastes were also found in the area.





May 13 ~ 23, 1998 Maritime Mechanic involved in a cleaning of sea bed project at Ping Chau by a team of 8 divers, our "MM Cat" and a 200m. long airlifting and silt disposal system.  Marine Biologists and coral experts also came to supervise our works.

We achieved quite a significant good return after the hard work for weeks.

Definitely the area need highly attention and protection as it is almost the only coral sea in Hong Kong.


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