Shark Prevention Nets

The Legend of Shark Prevention Nets (SPN)

Traditional Shark Prevention Nets had been employed for many years in different countries, such as Australia and South Africa.  But none of them were proved to be safe, cost effective or environmentally acceptable.

Until late 1993, when Hong Kong experienced a series of fatal attack by sharks, Maritime Mechanic Ltd. proposed to the Government (Regional Council) an innovative concept and designs about SPN to help eradicate the recurrence and eventually made a breakthrough in the field.

The 2-year trial scheme was so successful that it only not helped Maritime Mechanic create a legend of SPN in Hong Kong history, but also attracted many overseas experts for their research.

Clear Water Bay, 2nd Beach

In view of the net was evident capable of providing a real safety and leisure condition for swimming, satisfying all environmental requirements, withstanding the strong typhoon, and was cheaper in construction, the Government decided to largely launch the application to other 17 major beaches in 1995 and 1996.


SPN Service Team


SPN Service Team

Our Professional SPN Service Team

The first
Shark Prevention Net
in Hong Kong,
Clear Water Bay, 2nd Beach.

Structure of Shark Prevention Net

The design of our Shark Prevention Net was
patented in British, China and Hong Kong.

Clear Water Bay, 2nd Beach